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SWFT is the modern logistics start-up that offers instant, on-demand, intracity logistic services to businesses and individuals. Forget about stocking inventory, paying team members, and worrying about your packages. We provide door-to-door service to your customers, tracking every package in real-time.

We are revolutionizing the traditional last-mile delivery in Coventry, UK. We’re on a mission to create the most convenient delivery service possible. Trust us to bring what you need, when you need it.

Logistics are what we do – and we're good at it.

We can accommodate all kinds of orders, small orders as well as large 1. We’re proud to bring you instant and reliable on-demand logistics service right at your fingertips, whenever you need it. Using a proprietary algorithm, we instantly match the best available delivery partners for your delivery. It’s definitely the last app you’ll ever need.

With SWFT Delivery Ltd, you can skip the long lines and crowds!

SWFT Delivery is a delivery service for things you need to be delivered, when, and how you want them. We provide the required service that fits your schedule, delivering to any location within short proximity of your requested destination.

SWFT users will be able to get their hands-on deliveries within (45 minutes) minutes after ordering them through the website or the app. With an in-built messaging system, the user can send a message for SWFT delivery of goods; goods could range from in-store pick-up orders, groceries or any take-away orders. The user can schedule up the delivery in advance, get updates regarding the delivery, and also communicate with the driver directly via the app; this is what separates SWFT from other online logistics services; no more waiting for hours at home for your ordered goods.

If you need it, SWFT delivers it.

Time for a fresh new way to get that important product to you, faster than you thought possible. Our prices are highly competitive and we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. Bid farewell to headaches and trust the logistics experts with your items, time, and safety!

Check our website or download the hassle-free delivery app to order your items for delivery now!

1.) Maximum volume of a consignment is 300Liters and should be loadable in a car boot.